Design Strategy in One Day.

Design strategy lies at the intersection of design and business strategy. It is a plan-of-action on how to ascertain that the user experience of your product or service is aligned with your business objectives. Design strategy starts before the design or development of a digital product begins and identifies the key experiences that are core to your value proposition. It relies on lightweight methods for pushing cross-functional teams toward a unique digital solution that your customers want.

During this one-day training you will learn the four tenets of design strategy, how to conduct competitive research & analysis and how to align your customer experience with your organisation’s business strategy.

If you want to learn how to formulate and execute a successful design strategy that adapts to your organisation’s unique challenges, and how to communicate it effectively to your organisation, this training is for you.

This program requires basic knowledge of the design thinking process and design research.

  • Describe the benefits of an effective design strategy.
  • Conduct competitive research on both direct and indirect competitors.
  • Convert your product strategy from building new features to solving customer problems.
  • Move your organisation beyond Design Thinking, to Design Doing.
  • Communicate the value of design to executives and stakeholders.
  • What is design strategy?
  • The four tenets of design strategy.
  • Competitive research and analysis.
  • Formulating a design strategy.
  • Aligning your design strategy with your business strategy.
  • Communicating your design strategy.

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.
Ralf Speth



Price on request


1 Day


6 to 8 persons


Dutch or English


Professionals who want to learn how to be more strategically sound in their process. Typical profiles of participants are designers, user researchers, business analysts, product managers, product owners, aspiring strategists and executives.


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