Service Design in One Day.

We all have an idea of what a good service is — when everything clicks into place and you feel delighted because of the thoughtfulness and smoothness. So what does it take to get a service right and create great customer experiences? Service design is an effective approach to develop a new service offering or to improve an existing one.

This one-day workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of service design and the techniques to measure and improve service quality. You will learn the principles, tools and practices of service design and put them to use in an illustrative case allowing you to gain hands-on experience and knowledge. You will leave with an understanding of service design principles and how to apply them using a suite of tools, including customer journey maps, expectation maps, service blueprints, personas, and stakeholder maps.

If you’re desperate to understand what makes your customers tick, how to make your service stand out in a crowd and create customer loyalty, this training is for you.

This program requires basic knowledge of the design thinking process.

  • Apply the fundamental tools and practices of service design.
  • Apply key service differentiators to gain loyal customers.
  • Frame, research and analyse your service challenge.
  • Develop and present a high-level concept of your service.
  • What’s a good service and why?
  • The key principles of service design.
  • The phases of the service design process.
  • How to get insights from users?
  • How to translate insights into service concepts?
  • How to turn concepts into new service solutions?

He who gives great service gets great rewards.
Elbert Hubbard



Price on request


1 Day


6 to 8 persons


Dutch or English


Professionals involved in managing and designing services. Typical profiles of participants are product managers, service managers, operations managers, designers, business analysts and innovation consultants.


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