Projects & Consulting

I love to get my hands dirty by helping you turn good ideas into great experiences. Designing innovative, engaging products and services that become part of the fabric of your customer’s lives. A common goal for all my engagements, regardless of the project scope, is to leave your organisation with increased knowledge, skills and autonomy.

icon design research

Design Research & Strategy

We uncover and synthesise user needs, define insights and translate them into actionable ideas. I’ll help you clarify what to design and why, and identify new ways to create value and outsmart the competition.

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Product & Service Design

Based on research insights we design and test the ideas that emerge and home in on the right solution. We harmonise every component to create an experience that exceeds expectations.

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Design Leadership

I can help you manage all aspects of design at a corporate level as well as a project level. I’ll put in place the teams, methods & tools and the enthusiasm to achieve your strategic goals.

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Design Thinking

Design Thinking is revolutionising work as we know it. Design thinking is an approach used to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions with a human-centered focus. I offer consulting services to bring Design Thinking principles and methods to your company.

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Design Sprints

Design Sprints help you to test your big ideas. Working shoulder to shoulder and build upon the insights gathered through research, we leverage activities that create a slew of ideas, and test them. It’s awesome, it’s intense and your team emerge from these sessions with great ideas.

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Design Systems

Design systems provide a coherent framework for creating product experiences. I’ll guide you to create scalable, flexible design systems and corporate style guides so your teams collaborate more efficiently and deliver innovative, cohesive and beautiful experiences faster.

Training & Coaching

To change, people need knowledge and skills. I bring creative methods and best practices to your company through tailored in-house talks, one-day trainings and interactive workshops. I can also help your team diagnose and solve a tough design problem in real time. They will get on the same page, build new skills, and make real progress towards your goals. I work with you to adapt each training and coaching engagement to suit your needs and budget.


I'm extremely passionate about what I do and I love talking about Design in boardrooms, on-site seminars and conferences. My approach blends practical skills, best practices, and reflective thinking with a conversational style. So, if you’re organising a conference or you want to get your team inspired, I’ll be glad to give you a taste of what Design Thinking, Design Sprints and Design Systems could do with your company. For all speaking engagement inquiries, feel free to contact me.