Design & UX Leadership

Design has become a game changer. Design leadership increases profit, drives innovation, and creates social good. Those who understand and act on this insight have a competitive edge over the rest. Silicon Value is a design consultancy helping corporate organisations and startups achieve design leadership and deliver great experiences for their customers. Smarter. Faster.

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Design & Consulting

Reimagine your product or service. I help you bring ideas to life and take your products and services in new directions by putting people and their experiences first. Actionable, not academic.

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Training & Coaching

Learn design best practices. I'll mentor your team hands-on as they optimise and speed up your design and development process. We build new skills and make real progress towards your goals.

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If you love something you should set it free. I'm extremely passionate about what I do and I love talking about Design Thinking, Design Sprints and Design Systems in boardrooms, on-site seminars and conferences.

Selected Works

I am fortunate to work with fantastic clients of all sectors and scopes to design innovative products and services and speed up their design & development processes. My clients, both established global corporations and startups, span a broad range of industries: financial services, oil & energy, medical technology, chemicals, real estate, telecommunications, public safety, automotive and professional services.

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We’re not our users. Understanding what really matters to people requires to put away biases, and see the world as they see it.

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Honest and Clean

Users need clarity and consistency to complete their tasks and reach their goals. Good design is simple, minimal and effective.

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Value Not Features

Build less. Value is not measured in the number of features, but in how easy those features solve a problem. Constraints are your best friend.

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Restless Innovation

Everything is a prototype. Think of everything as just another iteration to bring new thinking to even the oldest problems.

About Me

For more than two decades I spend in a unique blend of roles including strategic business consulting, user-centered design and technology innovation. I feel comfortable in the ether of high-level strategy as well as the granular details of customer journeys, prototypes and design systems. I am a pragmatist and strong presenter of concepts and ideas. When the project need arises, I draw on a close-knit network of world-class agencies and a pool of best-of-breed designers and developers. My mission is simple: executing the basics beautifully, on time and within budget.

I earned a Master in Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management and University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA, as well as a Master of Science in Industrial Psychology majoring in Human Factors and Change Management at Leiden University.

Based in the outermost south of the Netherlands, close to Maastricht, I enjoy my life in the countryside together with my wife and daughter. I love running, hanging out in boutique hotels, and I am a long-term music junkie.

Thanks for taking the time! – Vinny Timmermans

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